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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tight and cool week

Hi everyone. Some updates:

1. iBlog2 was a blast and look forward to iBlog3.
2. We currently have 103 members to date at the Club and our eyeball last April 19 went pretty well.

I wish I could say more but I guess there are stuff that can't be shared yet. =)

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Sunday, April 9, 2006

BeadClubPhilippines and Peachy

I'm excited with this Holy Week. Apart from a week of reflection, it seems I should be able to get a lot of back work done. Earlier, I just finished updating and sent a mail blast to our list members.

We have a new club member maintaining her blog here in 21publish and she is Peachy Herrin. Check her out!

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Saturday, April 8, 2006

Inspired in blogging again

I know that it has been awhile since I last blogged. Thanks to the forthcoming iBlog2: The 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit that shall take place on April 18, I'm inspired with blogging again and have fixed a lot of stuff online. This includes:

1. My personal writing diary at LiveJournal is now back. I'm working on LifeWrites: 6 Approaches to Journaling email workshop offered by Club member Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ.

2. I signed up as a lensmaster as well at Squidoo. I created an e-commerce/outsourcing lens and reflective thinking lens. Try creating your lens too.

3. Last Friday, I also launched the first Podcast and plan to have two episodes monthly.

Let's keep in touch!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Reviewing 2005 and Planning for 2006

Nope, this is not your typical 2005 political review but more of looking at what happened to me this year. I think this is the first time that I'll be doing this so here it goes.

1. Congressional Oversight Committee for the E-Commerce Law (COCEC)
I think the biggest thing that happened to me this year is my appointment as consultant, functioning as an executive director, to the COCEC. It has brought the big picture of e-commerce to mind and gave me an opportunity to work with Senator Mar Roxas and Representative Junie Cua. At the same time, once again, work with Senator Ramon Magsaysay. The task at hand were delicate and things have to be done by protocol, respecting each agency's status and disposition. Being careful not to overstep and go beyond one's function. It is also learning about patience, political powerplay, respect for ownership, and looking at the greater good of the country and those who deserves to be prioritized. There are a lot of concerns being spotted today. However, for as long as these are seen as efforts to improve the situation, things will turn out ok, I hope, in the long run.

2. Blogging
My interest in blogs rised thanks to the offering of and to the Digital Pinay issue. A lot of my articles this year were pretty focused about this subject. The GloriaGate scandal further contributed to the recognition of blogging as an influential opinion media. It also paved the way for the 1st Philippine Blogging Summit - iblog, to take place.

3. Club
The Club has transformed greatly this year. Eyeballs became more frequent and we started accepting institutional partners that can greatly contribute to the benefit of our members. We finally found our baseline membership price as well at US$30 for individual while US$180 for corporate. We also became on O'Reilly Group User Program member as well. Becoming part of this program shall have a great influence in my 2006 programs as you'll see below.

4. eBiz Training for SMEs
I got the chance to do an eBiz Training for SMEs under APWINC (Seoul, Korea) and APEC (ADOC-Manila). It was a great experience and hope to get the chance to do it once again next year.

5. CyberFair Roadshow
Our campaign for the Philippine Schools CyberFair went on a high gear this year. We started doing provincial roadshows too. Although it will take a lot of time before elementary and high school institutions get prep to recognize the value of competitions like CyberFair, I believe it will all be worth the wait when the proper time has come.

6. One Internet Day
Having One Internet Day in Manila and Cebu was totally unplanned for this year, it just happened. However, both turn out to be ok. For 2006, the tradition shall continue and reach out to those, especially the young ones, to learn about the impact of the Internet in our lives.

Having the privilege of owning one of the biggest ICT communities (not an NGO), the challenge is on retaining it and provide the highest value as well. For 2006, here's what peers in the industry can expect:

1. Setting up a network neighborhood watch
As early as January of 2005, I already thought of putting up a fraud database. However, there were a lot of concerns raised then by club members that I had to back track with such an idea. But this time, things have changed and have found a way on how to go around this. In the Club, a network neighborhood watch program will be launched where club members will learn the basics of Internet forensics. Those who will participate in the training shall be committed to share their discoveries in the forums section. In the long run, this will also allow us to find out if there's a pattern on the spams, scams, being sent to us via email.

2. More technical and hands-on sessions
Putting up the Club has been quite tough. Although we are a venue for networking and sharing of expertise, the pressure remains to outdo yourself the previous. In this regard, apart from the network neighborhood watch that I mentioned earlier, more hands-on session shall happen this year like eBay trading, agile web development, among others. I do hope that this will allow us further in increasing our membership in the provinces and provide them with valuable services as well.

3. Development of community leaders
We shall be developing a community leaders program as well. In this process, each city/town shall have a community leader who can organize their own eyeballs in the said area, with proper coordination with us. Of course, be compensated in the process too.

4. Launch of PH-SPIN
PH-SPIN will go full blast in 2006. I shall start accepting paid members and in return will get to participate in our monthly briefing on topics in relation to software process improvement.

5. Launch of a niche retail/wholesale/service site
We just finished and in process for our fashion accessories website. I can't say more about this yet but a lot of challenging things are happening.

Thank you for all the support in!

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Paranoid about E-VAT and 2006

The challenge of the current EVAT is its psychological effect to the ordinary Filipino and companies in the country. It creates a paranoia that next year will be really tough for entrepreneurs, regardless whether they are into marketing of products or services. The need to be flexible and crafty is there.

I already started revamping the membership benefits of the Club by reactivating the DigitalFilipino StatsReport component. This way, I hope, more members will consider joining, that will also fund our research requirements as a result. I'm finally getting new team members as well who can help in doing the research and write-up the reports too.

In preparation for our 26 ICT Outsourcing Destination Report, I just launched the Philippine Outsourcing Review blog with the intent of providing a glimpse on industry developments as we are writing up the report.

On the positive side, I think the uncertainty today is much like the Internet, where are you are not always sure where the next big thing will really hit. I guess that is what makes this field so great. It keeps your feet on the ground, all the time.

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Inspired, Scared, Challenge

My trip to General Santos City last week was an eye-opener. For weeks, I've been contemplating if I really want to go there due to the bombing news that appeared in national newspapers sometime in the past. It immediately gave an impression that the city is not safe. However, much like Davao City and Zamboanga City, the place is beautiful and relatively quiet.

It is ideal for those who want to live a simple and quiet life. As an outsourcing destination, it will surely merit those who want minimum distraction and access to great seafood.

The place has inspired me to embark on a project, in reactivating my Digital StatsReport. For months, I've been thinking about it but couldn't find the right material to work on. But after seeing General Santos City, I knew that I had to do it in order to give justice to locations in Mindanao that were badly discredited due to unfair and unbalanced news coverage. The title dubbed as the 26 Outsourcing Destination Competitiveness Report shall also give me the chance to go around the country, reconnect with friends, and campaign for the Philippine Schools Cyberfair National competition.

I must admit though that I'm partly scared. In 2002-2003, our first attempt in DigitalFilipino StatsReport was not successful in terms of acceptance. But this time, we decided to bundle this to our Club membership. I'm taking the challenge once again to make it work.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Friendship and Advocacy

This Tuesday, we will go to Cebu, to celebrate Sun.Star SuperBalita's 11th anniversary. The overnight trip is meaningful as a good friend in Cebu will be going to Canada to pursue a 2-year study a week after. I will surely miss this guy and certain that he'll do well there. Perhaps, he might find the right girl for him while in Canada.

I'll be going to General Santos City for the first time this Friday as well. If all will turn out as planned, we might end up having an eyeball event during the eBusiness Week and Mindanao ICT Congress.

I had once again allowed close friends to hurt me. Well, "allowed" is not really the best word to describe it. For the sake of friendship, we often keep friends, even those who have disappointed us in the past. Perhaps I truly love them. To the point that one can be forgiving and overlook mistakes. Still, despite the disappointment, I can't find in my heart to dump the friendship. It is just a stage that will just go away, well that's the belief I chose to take.

Perhaps, if I'll be a bit brutal in perspective, there are no permanent friends, but only permanent interest. Maybe the only reason why we're just all hanging in together was because of that interest, that allowed the friendship to blossomed in the first place. But when that interest is shaken, the friendship is too. But as these friends were children of the "common interest" that I started, I felt like a mother with grown-up adult children and be forgiving. I'm sure in some instance, perhaps they feel the same too, in reverse. In the end, we had no choice but to work out our differences, without discussing our disappointments.

I had already let the common interest go, for quite sometime now. It's like love that you set free, for it to blossom. By default, I don't look back once I moved on. However, with this one, I often get called for support but have been disappointed and even disrespected at times, quite consistently. Some of those who helped me when I started this interest were also treated the same. In limited ways, I called their attention and fought for respect to be properly given. I can personally take it if done directly to me because I'm used to it. But can't take it if done to those who have helped a lot then. It is the least that I can do as gratitude, for their selfless service.

I guess, in the end, it is true, it is a thankless job.

I shall pray for serenity to accept things that I can't change. I shall pray for courage in heart, to be always understanding and not be judgmental, so I may be forgiven in my shortcomings too. I shall pray and be thankful for the wisdom gain from these experiences and not to repeat them again.

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Sunday, October 9, 2005 reloaded!

This week, I've been spending a lot of my time in fixing The inspiration came after my eBiz Training for SMEs last week. I came to terms with reality that I need to go back to basics to reach out and evangelize e-commerce.

I got the chance to review my articles as early as 2000. With it, I am now updating and republishing them one by one.

Looking back, I realized that as early as 2000, I was already doing Infotech TV and Infotech radio, streaming it online using a Real Audio/Video Server service offered by my former web host then. Unfortunately, as they stopped offering that service, I also stopped producing as well. Of course, to date there's now podcast. Perhaps I may start doing it again soon, along with new e-books, online workshops, training, among others.

As I now integrate, along with my external blogs, I hope readers will see how we've broaden our mindset and horizon as to what e-commerce is really all about. It is more than just technology.

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

DigitalFilipino at 6!

Last month, celebrated its 6th year anniversary. There's renewed enery in the air especially with the 1st hacker conviction under the Philippine E-Commerce Law. I have decided to go back to my old articles and re-published it with updated insights.

Google AdSense is now on a roll. It made it easier for users of to integrate the codes in their respective blogs.

As we gear towards our 7th year, we see greater and exciting challenges for us. Our sincerest thanks to all our followers and look forward to your insights.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005


With my work requiring me to move around, I get the chance to talk to cab drivers a lot. Like most of us, our cab drivers are working hard to survive on a daily basis. Taxi drivers these days earn around 100 to 300 pesos a day. With the increasing fuel prices, a 24-hour cab driver spends like 1500 in fuel alone. Upon return of the taxi to its owner, he also has to pay a boundary of 1000 pesos. If you'll factor in his meal, that would be an additional 100 to 150 pesos a day.

In total, a cab driver should earn a minimum of 2600 to 2800 a day to cover his work expenses. With the traffic and low number of taxi passengers, as a result of higher taxi rates, the net income of a taxi driver if they are lucky will be from 100 to 300 pesos within a straight 24 hours time. Gone are the days when they could earn as much as 1000 a day.

Most taxi drivers in the country belong to the poverty segment of our society. They are the ones who also don't have social security and other traditional benefits that typical employees get. A lot got old with this as their main profession. One cab driver related that because of the low income in order to save on milk, he would grind rice and boil it to make an "am", mix it with milk. As a result, his one box of milk for his child would last up to two weeks.

So next time you have to take a cab and have a little spare, don't hesitate to tip higher than usual. You are helping your fellow Filipino who is working hard to live honestly and survive these hard times.


The people’s current economic situation continues to be very serious, with hunger rising to 15.5%, and Self-Rated Poverty at 49%, according to the Social Weather Survey of August 26-September 5, 2005.

Hunger rises to 15.5%
Household heads reporting that their families experienced hunger, without having anything to eat, at least once in the past three months, rose to 15.5% in August 2005  or an estimated 2.6 million families  from 12.0% in May 2005.  This is the second highest national proportion since SWS began surveying it in 1998, after the record high 16.1% in March 2001.

Hunger as of August 2005 is at 18.0% in Balance Luzon, 16.7% in the National Capital Region, 13.3% in the Visayas, and 12.0% in Mindanao.

The hunger proportion has been at double-digits for six successive quarters, raising the 1998-2005 average hunger to 10.4%.

Severe Hunger, defined as families who went hungry Often or Always in the last three months, was at 2.6% in August 2005  over 400,000 families  from 2.9% in May 2005.

Moderate Hunger, defined as those who experienced it Once or A Few Times in the last three months, went to 12.9% in August 2005  about 2.1 million families  from 9.2% in May 2005.

Compared to May 2005, Severe Hunger rose in Metro Manila, while Moderate Hunger rose across location.  

Self-Rated Poverty
The proportion of household heads reporting themselves as Mahirap went to 49% in August 2005, from 57% in May 2005.

The Self-Rated Poor is at 52% in the National Capital Region, 44% in the Balance of Luzon, and 55% in the Visayas, all of which are lower than last May.

Self-Rated Poverty stayed at 52% in Mindanao.
The median self-rated poverty threshold, or the median monthly budget in peso-terms that poor households say they need to escape poverty, went to P12,000 in Metro Manila in August 2005, from P10,000 in May.

Compared to May 2005, the median self-rated poverty threshold stayed at P7,000 in the Balance of Luzon, P6,000 in the Visayas, and P5,000 in Mindanao.

Such money-value thresholds were already reached as early as 5 years ago, even though the cost of living rose greatly every year.  The failure of the thresholds to increase despite so much inflation is a sign that the poor are actually lowering their real living standards.

Survey Background
The Social Weather Survey of August 2005 used face-to-face interviews of a national sample of 1,200 statistically representative households divided into random samples of 300 each in Metro Manila, the Balance of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao (sampling error margins of ±3% for national percentages and ±6% for area percentages).

The SWS survey questions about household poverty and hunger are directed to the household head. They are standard non-commissioned items in the Social Weather Surveys. The quarterly Social Weather Surveys constitute the world’s most rapid statistical system for directly measuring poverty and hunger at the national level.

SWS confidentially provides its economic indicators on an advance basis to the proper government authorities, as a public service.  SWS strongly recommends that analysts integrate these indicators with factors such as agricultural production, food distribution, social welfare operations, wages, cost of living, unemployment, etc. in order to learn how to prolong favorable trends, and how to prevent unfavorable spikes, in poverty and hunger.

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